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10/10 stars… I struggle with endometriosis stage 4 which is excruciating pain to the point that it would leave me crippled for days during my cycle with unexplainable pain on my shoulder and upper rib area. October 2022 I had a stroke and a left collapsed lung to this day my doctors cannot tell me how that happened because I am healthy no high BP no cholesterol no diabetes nothing came back in blood work or MRI. I started my treatment with acupuncture in November 2022 and let me tell you that every month since then I started to feel better as the time went by to now I can say my cycles are normal and it is soo relieving to know that with the help of the doctors at Shanghai Chinese Medicine my treatment plan is working and I do not have that unexplained pain. I’m soo very thankful for trying it out because it has been the best medicine. It has truly been a miracle because for years I had been dealing with this pain and to come here and they have helped me words can’t explain how grateful I am. I highly recommend them. They are very nice, educated, and knowledgeable, such a nice place where I get to relax and get my treatment. - Yvette P. 02/22/2023

I highly recommend Shanghai Chinese Medicine - Dr. Jang and Dr. Amy take the time to listen carefully and they come up with a solid treatment plan.  This is my first time trying out acupuncture. I am so lucky, that I found this practice. I highly recommend Shanghai Chinese Medicine Dr Amy and Dr Jang. - Alyssa B. 12/12/2022 

I went to see Dr. Jang with shoulder pain, I found him caring, knowledgeable and professional I have experienced the WONDERS of Acupuncture with a kind and concerned doctor who has changed the quality of my life and increased my OVERALL health. Dr. Jang made suggestions for my continued progress and accommodated my schedule as soon as possible.  I would recommend her services highly - Robert, J., 4/11/2016

The first time I step in the Dr. Jang office was the best thing that ever happened in my life. I am more than happy with the results I am getting. I had a PCOS in 2018 and put me on an acupuncture and moxa treatment of which I saw results within a month. My visits are always great. I have no pain at all and I went to see a western doctor. My PCOS has healed which is amazing! Thank you Dr. Jang and Dr. Lee - Jenny G. 12/10/2020  

Dr. Lee is truly the best. This is my third pregnancy with Dr. Lee and I know that we are in the best and most caring hands. Both Dr. Jang and Dr. Amy are really sweet. I’m having my third baby during pandemic, but feel at ease knowing that they have my health and my families’ well being in mind. She takes her time and treats me like a whole patient. Highly recommend! - Annie R., 09/10/2020

I have been seeing Dr. Lee now for pretty close to a decade. I came here for vascular malformation, which at one point caused pain and immobility in my leg. But since I have seen Dr. Lee for treatment, I have had full mobility and absolutely no pain. I have been coming to see him as regularly as I possibly can pretty much since. He also was really wonderful at suggesting stretching, exercises.    - Barbara S., 07/22/2019

Love it!! Dr. Lee was very professional and attentive to my needs! The staff was so friendly and it honestly felt like I was at home!! When I came in I could hardly straighten up, I left being able to not only straighten up but walk with minimal pain.  She is the first person to help me get relief. Thank you so much!! I will be coming back for another treatment!! - Jessica J., 05/24/2020

Dr. Jang is an excellent acupuncturist! He genuinely wants to make people feel better. My should and back have been feeling so much better after going to see Dr. Jang for about 5 month of adjustments. I could not be sleeping better and I am so much thankful! - Ellen P., 02/20/2020

I have been seeing Dr. Lee for more than 2 years. She is very polite, professional and personal. She explains everything she’s doing and so you get a clear picture of what’s going on. Her acupuncture skill is really work for me, my muscles don’t tense as mush, I sleep much better, and feel an overall improvement with my both sciatica and leg. I truly recommend Dr. Lee - Andy, S ,. 08/16/2020

Dr. Jang is the Best!! I have been going to Dr. Jang for 6 years. He is awesome!!! I was suffering from severe lower back pain for many years. I went to see Chiropractors and it was not work for me. I was not able to do any physical activities. Since visiting Dr. Jang I am now pain free. I have started hiking and have been able to play with my kids. He has helped me feel a lot better. Thanks!! -  Mathew M., 01/21/2020

Dr. Lee is amazing!! I’ve been doing acupuncture with Dr. Lee for the last 3 months. When I started treatment, I had a persistent skin rash and neck pain. It was a so busy and stressful time in my life, and within the first month, the skin rash had greatly improved, my neck pain had lessened, and I also was able to get through the stressful time with more ease knowing that I had my weekly acupuncture appointment to look forward to. Dr. Amy is so kind and knowledgeable. I always look forward to it and highly recommend!  – Roman K., 9/12/2020

I was pretty stressed out, I had a lot going on. Depression, Anxiety…Wasn’t feeling very good, but today is one of the best day ever. It was not just the treatment, but the love she has for her patients. Dr. Lee is very excellent at what she does with the acupuncture. I can’t say enough about him, she has effected me on every level. - Tony S.,10/02/2020

I am a 36 year old woman who has battled skin issues in the form of acne for most of my life. Dr. Lee has quickly become my go-to girl for peels. Her professionalism and knowledge of all kinds of products and peel has been priceless for me. I have really enjoyed my facial acupuncture and MTS treatment by Dr. Lee. I would absolutely recommend her!  - Cindy W., 01/20/2020

Frequently Asked Questions

What insurances do you accept?

We accept most insurance, including United Healthcare, Cigna, BlueCorssBlueShield, Aetna, Medicare… Your insurance may require a physician's referral. Please send us your insurance information and we can verify your insurance benefits for you.

What are the benefits of acupuncture?

  • Reduces pain

  • Treats arthritis

  • Relieves migraines

  • Prevents nausea and vomiting

  • Treats anxiety

  • Enhances fertility

  • Has very few side effects

  • Is all natural, nonpharmaceutical

How can acupuncture help me?

Acupuncture relieves pain, treats and prevents diseases, and promotes overall good health. Patients are treated with the insertion of sterile and disposable fine needles into specific points of the body affiliated with internal organs and tissues. Acupuncture stimulates the nervous system and produces changes in the blood chemistry that facilitates the body’s ability to heal itself. The fine needle is inserted with minimal or no pain and has no possibility of infection.

How can my treatment plan be customized to fit my needs?

At Shanghai Eastern Medicine & Acupuncture, we may use any combination of acupuncture treatment therapies during your treatment sessions that may best help you get better.

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