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Electrical Moxibustion

Significant reduction of pain and tension in the treated area

Well, fear no more and try the Electric Moxibustion instead! Our electric moxibustion provides a painless, acupuncture-type stimulation using an electric pulse to relieve stress, promote healthy blood circulation, firm aging skin, and to help drastically reduce muscle pain!

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Electrical Moxibustion

- Electrical moxibustion treatment reduced pain and improved function in patients with any osteoarthritis.

- The thermal stimulation from electric moxibustion increases microcirculation and promotes metabolism by altering blood flow rate and cell membrane permeability. The heat from electric moxibustion also stimulates immune cells in the skin tissues, leading to immunomodulatory effects

-  A boosted mood due to lowered stress hormones and improved blood circulation

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