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Micro Needling (MTS)


Exceeding Expectations


With micro-needling, the skin is rapidly pierced by the tiny sterile needles to help unclog pores and immediately begin the healing process. This stimulates collagen production and increases cell turnover for skin clarity.

Microneedling Treats:

  • Enlarged pores

  • Uneven skin tone and pigmentation

  • Acne, stretch marks and other scars

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Dull, dehydrated skin

We perform Micro-Needling using the state of the art CytoPen Micro Needling device from Emage. This handheld device uses sterile, disposable tips. Each tip contains 9 or12 “micro” needles to pierce the skin at very specific therapeutic depths.  The thousands of tiny needle pricks stimulate collagen and elastin production, while also creating receptor sites which easily absorb a variety of available serums. Micro Needling is sometimes referred to as Collagen Induction Therapy or Skin Needling.


Just like with micro needling procedures for your face, the hair restoration process consists of our acupuncturist using a handheld device, or pen, containing hundreds of tiny needles with herb. These are glided across the hairline and areas affected by hair loss to create micro-punctures, or controlled injuries, to the top layer of the skin. This act by itself triggers the body’s natural healing process.

MTS Treatment

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Deep Cleansing

Face and décolleté massage

Radio Frequency +
Micro Current


Apply Numbing Cream

Micro Needling Treatment (MTS)

Cooling Therapy

*Restrictions may apply.
*Products are not included in the cost of the treatment.

*Treatment may vary depending on individual needs given one’s skin condition

Patients Review


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