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Spiritual and emotional concept of harmony with nature in maternity time. Pregnant woman p

IVF Support Program

Shanghai Chinese Medicine Methods

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Shanghai Chinese Medicine Methods

It is most effective when acupuncture is started on a weekly basis about 3 months prior to the embryo transfer, however if you have already started your IVF treatment, it is not too late to start.

Happy pregnant woman visit gynecologist doctor at hospital or medical clinic for pregnancy

3 months of pregnancy preparation

We offer a package of acupuncture sessions which provides the ideal support for your situation.  
Herbal Medicine
Herbal Medicine increases in endometrial thickness, improved egg quality, and higher pregnancy rates

2 weeks before start Egg retrieval

Relax Medical Massage
Reduce stress and increase circulation
Acupuncture performed on the day the embryo is placed back in the uterus improved pregnancy rates

Close-up of the IVF procedure.Manipulations of doctor during artificial insemination. Repr
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2 weeks before implantation

Heat Therapy
Heat Therapy leading up to an IVF transfer and it able to help support the quality of the Uterine Lining.
Acupuncture increases the amount of blood flow to the uterus, improves the quality of the endometrium lining and overall uterine environment, relaxes the uterus.

2 months after  pregnancy

Relax Medical Massage
Reduce stress and increase circulation.
Acupuncture increases the amount of blood flow to the uterus.
Herb Tea
Herbal teas during pregnancy is a great way to support optimal pregnancy health.

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IVF Support Program: Image
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