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Core Body Temperature Heat Therapy

A definitive solution for boosting immune system 
by increasing core body temperature

Core body temperature, also called Endogenous Dermal Heat, refers to the temperature of the internal environment of the body. This includes organs such as the heart and liver, and the blood. Temperature control (thermoregulation) is part of a homeostatic mechanism that keeps the organism at optimum operating temperature, as the temperature affects the rate of chemical reactions. In humans, the average internal temperature is 37.0 °C (98.6 °F), though it varies among individuals. Core temperature is normally maintained within a narrow range so that essential enzymatic reactions can occur. Significant core temperature elevation (hyperthermia) or depression (hypothermia) that is prolonged for more than a brief period of time is incompatible with human life.

When your body temperature decreases even just by 1 ℃, you will be more prone to get diagnosed with many diseases such as allergy, irritable bowel syndrome, autonomic dysfunction. If your immune system starts deteriorating, you may develop cancer or autoimmune disease, in which your own immune cells will start attacking your other harmless, healthy cells. 

Therefore, maintaining a stable body temperature is the most important way of keeping your health in check. We may even find solutions for incurable diseases if we can find a way to raise your core body temperature. 

You cannot increase your core body temperature just by applying heat from the outside. You may feel warm when you use a heater, but once it is turned off, your body will return to its normal body temperature. 


Heat Therapy (High Frequency Current)

Satisfaction Guaranteed

This treatment focuses on opening blood vessels. It reduces joint and back pain, decreases muscle spasms, and increases the overall range of motion

Aside from providing soothing comfort during treatment, sometimes heat can serve as a useful TCM healing tool. Heat therapy increases blood flow, which helps relax muscles and decrease stiffness.

Depending on your medical needs, your acupuncturist may use a High Frequency Current or a heating pad to enhance the benefits of your acupuncture treatment.

It is good for elders, cold hands and feet, headaches, post surgery, knee pain.

  • Increase Core Body Temperature

  • Drop Blood Pressure

Helps Allergies and Sinus

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