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Natural Herb MTS Peel

MTS Peeling is extracted coral, 250μm a natural micro needle (Fractional Prickle) and for 48 hours infiltrates the dermis to the upper skin cells by allowing continuous stimulation of the capillary circulation. It promotes detoxification, cell division, tightens the skin layer and help reduce dark spots and discoloration. Debris and dead skin cells that are deposited in the pores are removed, promoting new skin regeneration.

MTS Peel Main Ingredient

Bio silica, the main ingredient of MTS peel is clinically proven to have positive pharmacological effect, which can help promote healthier skin. Micronized MTS Peel powder minimizes skin irritation, maximizes skin repair efficiency and delivers active ingredients deep into the skin cells. MTS Peel is hypoallergenic, safe on all types of skin and does not interfere with daily life. Also, the procedure does not require expensive equipments.


Phaseolus Radiatus Seed powder, Salvia  Officinalis Leaf  Extract, Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract, Portulaca Oleracea Powder, Equsetum Arvense Extract, Hamamells Virginiana Extract, Oryza Stiva Brann 


How MTS Peel works


Stpe 1: Application

Immune system is fortified and blood circulation is improved. Debris and dead skin cells are removed.

Step 2: Delivery

Active ingredients are delivered deep into skin cells.


Step 3: Rejuvenation

Dead skin cells are removed, new skin layer is revealed. Wrinkles are faded. Skin looks and feels soft, firm and lifted.

Result: Recovery

Skin is completely restored and rejuvenated. Healthy glow and youthful look is visible on skin.


MTS Peel is  great for treating following skin problems

  • Uneven Skin Tone

  • Keratosis Pilaris

  • Inflammatory Acne

  • Fine Line

  •  Acne Marks 

  • Post-Acne Spot

  • Freckles

  • Visible Pores

  • Body Acne

  • Dry, Damaged Skin

  • Hyoerkeratosis       

Natural Herb Peeling Treatment

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Deep Cleansing

Face and décolleté massage

Micro Current Treatment

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Radio Frequency

Natural Herb Peeling

 Customized mask

*Restrictions may apply.
*Products are not included in the cost of the treatment.

*Treatment may vary depending on individual needs given one’s skin condition

Before and After Treatment

Our Patients reviews


Experience noticeable result with just one treatment. You can maximize your result with repeated treatment. For maximized results, Treat once every two weeks (once every three weeks on sensitive skin). Typically you can experience visible difference after 4 treatments. Consult skin care professionals before the treatment.

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