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Acne Treatment

Our Acne Program has honed its methods and products through helping to clear thousands of acne sufferers of all ages and ethnicities. Although most of these people had already tried prescription topical products, antibiotics, laser and blue light therapy, Accutane TM and a myriad of over-the- counter products, they had not gotten and stayed clear until they found a Certified Face Reality Acne Clinic. Our Acne treatment continues to research, experiment and conduct clinical trials to continually improve their modality and share the information with its Acne Specialists community.

Our Homeopathic Services and Treatments

Our Specialties

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Deep Cleansing


LED Therapy

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Micro Current

Purification masque and essential nourishment

*Restrictions may apply.
*Products are not included in the cost of the treatment.

*Treatment may vary depending on individual needs given one’s skin condition

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